2022-23 Marking Period Grading Scale

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The North Warren Regional School District assesses student academic performance using a 100 point numeric scale. Grades of 60 and above are considered passing and eligible as criteria toward promotion at the middle school level, or for credit toward graduation at the high school level. Grades that fall below 60 are considered failing and are not eligible for promotion criteria or graduation credit. Weights affect GPAs such as the marking period average, and the cumulative GPA placed on transcript at the end of the year. The marking period GPA is calculated according to the following formula:

Marking Period GPA = sum ((Posted Grade + Weighting) x Attempted Credits) / sum (Credits)

Students who fail a course have the opportunity to complete the course through one of our North Warren approved tutors, or approved private tutoring. The tutoring will consist of 30 hours of direct instruction and 30 hours of independent work for a 5 credit course. Before a student registers for one of these options, approval must be obtained from your child's school counselor. Students who do not complete a course requirement may be assigned any of the following:

INC: Incomplete - Student did not complete the work related to a course.

MED: Medical - Student unable to complete the work related to a course due to illness or injury.

WF: Withdrawal - Student removed from a course due to failing grades.

NM: No Mark - No grade was assigned, usually because a student started late, or dropped a course from their schedule, but there can be other reasons.

The Marking Period Scale runs from 40 through 100.

Unweighted Grading Scale

Unweighted Grading Scale
100 Point Scale Letter Grade
100-97 A+
96-93 A
92-90 A-
89-88 B+
87-83 B
82-80 B-
79-78 C+
77-73 C
72-70 C-
69-68 D+
67-63 D
62-60 D-
59-0 F

Final Course Grade Determination

Final Course Grade Determination
Type Formula
Full Year Course (4 Marking Periods) Marking Period 1: 25%

Marking Period 2: 25%

Marking Period 3: 25%

Marking Period 4: 25%

Semester Course (2 Marking Periods) Marking Period 1 or Marking Period 3: 50%

Marking Period 2 or Marking Period 4: 50%

Three Marking Period Courses Marking Period: 33 ⅓ %

Marking Period: 33 ⅓ %

Marking Period: 33 ⅓ %

Single Marking Period Courses Marking Period: 100%