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English Language Learners

English Language Services are designed to meet the needs of the non-native speakers of English in our community. An ELL plan will be developed and implemented after a proficiency assessment is administered. This plan is individualized to meet the needs of the student.

Gifted and Talented Education

Middle School students are evaluated for an enrichment program in the 7th grade. Criteria assessed for admission include subject grades, standardized test scores, and former/current teacher recommendations. Students assessed in the areas of performing or visual arts will provide a performance or portfolio of their work for evaluation.

The needs of gifted students in the High School are met through more challenging and rigorous coursework available through Honors and AP courses.

Math, Language Arts, Reading, and Writing Intervention

Interventions are provided to assist students in remediating skills when they are identified as being at-risk for passing state proficiency assessments (NJSLA). Students are identified through a combination of standardized test scores, course grades, and staff recommendations. Parent and student referrals are accommodated when possible. Participation in remediation is mandatory for identified students. The instruction emphasizes remediation and reinforcement of basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as promoting good study skills.

Special Education

The North Warren Regional School District provides a comprehensive array of special education services as mandated by Federal and State law. The Child Study Team consists of a school psychologist, school social worker, and learning disabilities teacher consultant.

Members of the CST consult with classroom teachers, administrators, and parents regarding instructional methods and/or counseling necessary to meet the specific needs of individual students. CST members:

  • Participate in the evaluation of students who may need special education programs and services.
  • Participate in the determination of eligibility of students for special education programs and services.
  • Deliver appropriate related services to students with disabilities (e.g., school-related counseling).
  • Provide appropriate preventive and support services to non-disabled students.
  • Provide services to the school staff regarding techniques, materials, and programs for students experiencing difficulties in learning.
  • Consult with school staff and parents in order to optimize learning for students; and
  • Assist with designing, implementing, and evaluating techniques to prevent or remediate educational difficulties.

The Child Study Team’s focus centers on developing creative ways to help students realize their potential in school. This focus is not to be restricted to diagnosis, labels, or categories, but to look at students as individuals, and to involve students, parents, and teachers in a problem-solving process leading to student success. The speech and language specialist provides instruction for communication-based learning needs which include the areas of articulation, fluency, voice, and language. The majority of the language instruction is curriculum-based and is delivered as a supplement to the student’s general classroom assignments.

The special education teachers effectively deliver instruction designed to meet the individualized needs of the student with educational disabilities. Instructional programs include separate classroom settings and in class resource room instruction.

Road to Success

The Road to Success Program is a tiered intervention plan designed to support students with grades below 70 in any course throughout the school year. Involvement from parents, students, teachers, counselors and administrators is essential in best supporting students and the RTS program involves all parties. The RTS program can be implemented at any point in the school year to provide school based interventions which may include parent/teacher meetings, academic contracts/plans for success, Structured Study Hall, Lunch Intervention, I&RS and loss of privileges. The goal of the RTS program is to support students in succeeding in all courses.